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PPC Group, LLC offers publications centered around easy to implement, scalable frameworks for key project, program, and portfolio management processes. These can be used for "self help" or in conjunction with our training and consulting.

All of our publications are created by a mass customization process, so you always get the latest updates in print or ePub format (we have no inventory). Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of printed materials. Sorry, some print items are currently only available for shipping in the US. Contact us if you have a special order/needs at info@ppcgroup.us.
    PPC Group, LLC offers a variety of project, program, and portfolio management training courses and products. We are capable of delivering training on site (globally), locally in San Diego California, in a variety of distance models (e.g. online, video, hybrid), and as train-the-trainer courses.

In addition to our regular training courses, we offer a number of free workshops and teambuilding programs for PMI components and other non-profits interested in project, program, and portfolio management training. Don't see the course in the modality you want? Want us to visit your PMI Chapter with a special workshop? Contact us with your requirements at info@ppcgroup.us.
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For the ultimate "push" on the flywheel, PPC Group, LLC offers project, program, and portfolio management consulting, supported by publications, training, and technology. We can:
  • Assess your project, program, and portfolio management processes.
  • Work with you to develop an actionable list of improvements.
  • Help you monitor your progress as you implement the change.
  • Repeat as required to move toward precision.
Related consulting services include:
  • Development or enhancement of PPPM methodologies.
  • Facilitation of strategic and tactical planning.
  • Management of complex projects, programs, and portfolios.
    The Project Management Institute's 2013 Pulse of the Profession found that organizations risk an average of 13.5% of every budget dollar. Low-performing organizations risk significantly more of their budget than those that are high performing. PPC Group, LLC helps you improve your project, program, and portfolio management practices through scalable frameworks that are easy to implement and train your team on. We help you pinpoint areas of governance and process weakness that need improvement and help you move from good to best practices. Everyone in the organization is on the same page. We help improve the maturity of your processes, moving you from "herding cats" to precision ... the same precision great organizations are built on.