Accidental Project Manager

Accidental Project Manager?

Managing or about to manage a project and feeling unprepared?  No training in critical skills?  Manager and peer pressure to “get it done”?  Grab a copy and discover how to succeed with projects and begin a successful career.

When a manager is pressed to find a project manager for an important client, he looks to Rhett Sero, our to-be hero. He introduces Rhett to Heda Heldenmacher, a noted project management consultant. Heda introduces Rhett to the  PROJECT methodology and spends seven days with him to prepare.

Designed to increase success, this book is for accidental and new project managers,  beginning project management learners, and those exploring project management careers or looking for a refresher.  Told in the form of a business fable, concepts  are put in everyday terms and stories make it more memorable.

Everything you need to get started in an easy-to-read book.  Each chapter includes a project management tip, reading selections from the PMBOK® Guide, and additional learning resources. A set of more than a dozen ready-to-use templates is available online.

In his latest book, Accidental Project Manager, Ray shares the story of Rhett Sero and weaves into each chapter the essence of what it’s like to be an accidental project manager.  It’s written with a “quick start” method called “PROJECT” for accidental PMs to practice, learn, and put into immediate action.  A must-read for any new project manager to learn how to move from “Zero to Hero in 7 Days”.

Naomi Caietti
Author, Transform Your Leadership!
Managing Director, Naomi Caietti Consulting
Folsom, California


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Discover How to Succeed with Projects!

People power projects

Don't let people cause your project to fail. Discover how to work with people to achieve project success.

Organize objectives

Organize project scope, time, budget, and resources into actionable plans people will want to follow.

Execute effortlessly

Eliminate project issues and make execution effortless. Delegate and give feedback to optimize performance.

Transfer & Transform

Eliminate client rejection even if project isn't 100%. Transform the team and be ready for the next project.

Dig for Requirements

Eliminate unnecessary project work. Identify the right project and find hidden project needs, even with difficult stakeholders.

Jell with project teams

Build a dream team - it's not just about what they know. Effectively work with physical and virtual teams.

Control with ease

Measure project results and take corrective actions without over-steering. Provide regular updates and manage change.

access to templates

Don't wonder about the next step - hit the ground running. Get access to templates to use and modify to meet your needs.